POPCYCLE, Founder/Owner

POPCYCLE is the culmination of Teresa’s life journey to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. While creating POPCYCLE, Teresa has been able to marry her professional business experience with her passion– leading, motivating and connecting people through fitness and music.


Teresa was raised in Medford, New Jersey (don't ask her what exit she is from).  Her Polish-immigrant grandparents owned a general store -Maple Mart- that she helped run on the weekends.That is where her desire to grow a business began. Teresa attended American University where she studied Law and Communications. She started her career at The White House then moving onto Capital Hill.Teresa eventually moved into the private sector leading advertising campaigns at Discovery Channel and for Fortune 500 compaines. In 2004, Teresa founded a successful public relations and marketing practice serving clients in the D.C. region. 


Fast forward, a husband and two children later, she entered an exciting new chapter when founding POPCYCLE in 2017. Even after an industry-shattering pandemic, POPCYCLE stands strong. She prides herself on being resilient and hard-working. You will find Teresa genuinely connected to the POPCYCLE community each and every day. 


Please introduce yourself to “T” when you see her. Follow her on Instagram @teresalynnsie and @popcycleclub.


POPCYCLE, Owner/Founder




POPCYCLE, Instructor

Marrying fitness and music did not always come naturally to Kaitlyn. Growing up a swimmer and an avid book reader, a lot of her time was spent in quiet. It was during her college years at Penn State that Kaitlyn started attending group fitness classes and quickly learned the importance of music as motivation and ever since, she’s been driven by the rhythm!

Continuing her passion for a healthy lifestyle post-grad, Kaitlyn started running, biking, lifting, and attending group fitness classes to keep herself motivated. Then in 2014, with a little convincing, she earned her Group Fitness Certification and has been teaching fitness classes ever since.

Kaitlyn works full time in human resources but you will be able to ride with her at POPCYCLE before work, after work, and even on weekends! When you ride with Kaitlyn, you’ll get hills, sprints, surges, jumps, attacks and more. But most importantly, you’ll get 50 minutes of heart pumping work with a party atmosphere. Kaitlyn wants every person to walk out with a smile on their face.


POPCYCLE, Instructor


Tobi is a NOVA native, born and raised in Alexandria, and moved to Loudoun County about 10 years ago with her husband and two young children. 

As a child, Tobi was always involved in athletics, soccer mainly, and her mom worked in the fitness industry in many capacities so she has always known the importance of staying physically active. Once Tobi had children and became a full-time stay-at-home mom it became harder to find time for herself and an exercise routine that kept her challenged, engaged, and produced results.

Tobi feels fortunate to have found her motivation and community at POPCYCLE in the Fall of 2017. POPCYCLE gave her the physical and mental outlet she needed after many years of putting herself on the back burner while raising young kids. What started as a great workout and hour to herself, quickly turned into a love of indoor cycling and wonderful mental release. Whenever Tobi walked through that yellow door, she dropped whatever baggage she was going through in the outside world and focused on herself and riding happy for that entire next hour.

Tobi never thought when she first walked into POPCYCLE and sat in the back row that she would be an instructor one day. She is so excited to share her love of indoor cycling with the riders and can't wait to Ride Happy every Tuesday night with you! 



POPCYCLE, Instructor


Aj’a joined POPCYCLE as a rider in 2018. At that time she was a new mom and in search of a place to achieve her fitness and self-care goals. That first class at POPCYCLE proved to be everything she was looking for and more. Fast forward to 2021 and now moving from the rider saddle to the instructors’. Her hope is to push and challenge riders with music they can’t help but dance to! 


Fun fact about Aj’a. She likes to think her love for music was instilled in her before she was even born. She was named after the 1977 album Aja by Steely Dan. 😎


She is eager to Ride Happy and bring her passion for music, fun, and self-care to the POPCYCLE Community. 


POPCYCLE, Instructor

Michelle has always lived a very active lifestyle - as a child, she was involved in everything from ballet to Taekwondo. After graduate school, she found solace in group fitness classes and fell in love with indoor cycling. Unfortunately, in 2016 she experienced a sports injury that limited her mobility and required hip reconstruction. After rehabilitation, she returned back to the bike and found that proper alignment and stretching allowed her to live a pain-free life. She became a cycling instructor and a certified (RYT-200) yoga teacher and has taken several anatomy courses in order to learn how to lead others to a pain-free lifestyle.


Michelle found POPCYCLE during the pandemic after the studio she was teaching at closed its doors. She immediately felt at home with the focus on rhythm-based riding, awesome music, and supportive community. She looks forward to leading classes with some classic rock flair and with cue-ing proper alignment on the bike to reduce fatigue in class!



POPCYCLE, Instructor


Being a POPCYCLE instructor is something that Kailee says she's thought about since her very first class three years ago. POPCYCLE is the place she truly feels at home each time she walks through the doors. Kailee puts her whole heart into each and every class she leads. Her enthusiasm is infectious!  

Kailee is currenty studying to be a nurse. She is also a firefighter and EMT. Our POPCYCLE community is thrilled to have such a strong woman lead our classes. 


POPCYCLE, Instructor


The first time Lauren walked through the yellow doors at Popcycle, she was six months post partum after the birth of her twins. She was met by an overwhelming wave of encouragement, genuine friendship, and community. Lauren has been riding happy ever since. At Popcycle, Lauren found a sanctuary, where she could take some time for herself and focus on getting stronger. As an instructor, Lauren tries to create the same environment for her riders.


Lauren is a mom to four wonderful kids under the age of five. She is married to her best friend, Jacob. Together, they work to bring life saving surgeries to children in Kenya through Faith Aid, a non-profit organization they founded together before starting their family. 



POPCYCLE, Instructor


Like all POPCYCLE instructors, Katie started her journey as a rider. Katie says, "POPCYCLE has changed my life since I started riding. I find it impossible not to give my absolute best each ride, impossible not to leave in a better mood than I arrived in." As an instructor, Katie is part of the movement we have created at POPCYCLE - empowering everyone to believe in themselves. It is evident through her music and drills that Katie has passion for each and every ride she leads at POPCYCLE. 

Katie is also an avid mountain biker, hitting all the local trails with her fiance. And, ask her what it's like to be a published author?!